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Week 3-4 Correct page

Week 3-4 Correct page

OK, having issues posting correct pages here. Ugh! Here's the 2nd page to the 2-page LO.

Used Paula Wright's "Buttermilk Road" from the Scrap Girls Club.

Journaling reads:

The Arctic cold dipped into SE South Dakota in mid-January. 1. Thanks to his Grammy,
Sammy has a warm winter coat. 2. A special thank you from a VP at work. 3. After a Sunday/
Monday ice storm, dad drives his boys to school and me to work in his 4-wheeler! 4. Heavy Sunday morning
rain later turns to a thick layer of ice. 5. Old Main was covered in snow last week--this week itís rain. 6. Loganís
excitement shows on Saturday as he watches snow falling. 7. Justin enjoys one of his specialty omelets.

    I'm glad you got the layout posted that you wanted to post. :D Wonderful photos and I like how you've arranged everything. Love that striped background, too!
    Great photos and such a pretty page. I enjoyed your journaling but kept wondering what Sammy won a Grammy for then I was like, "OHhhhh... His GRAMMY".....
    I like the stripes and dots in the background - provide pattern but don't overwhelm the photos. Then using the circles for numbers echoes it. Nice.
    I really like your layout. The composition, colors, journaling, and well, everything, is just right.
    Great mix of photos and I like how you colored the frames. Love the background paper you used too.
    Nice mix of photos. They're a great snapshot of your week. I also like your different frames.
    Looks like your year is off to a great start. Well done page.
    Cool frayed blue jean pocket!
    i really like the element cluster. Nice collection of photos of everyday moments!