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I decided that at a minimum I would use the calendar format and try to capture each month in 2013. I love how this has come together. I can't believe how much I crammed in this lay out. I put up the template and every day or two would go in and make a note. I added pictures as I went. Looking at it - it has everything from bird sightings - to my word for the year, what we were doing and the deep freeze in weather. I can even visually see that I kept my goal of walking three times a week. The W is my symbol for 12 hr work days. The layout just sort of makes itself without a lot of effort and then gives me notes so I can expand on it later when I have time for layouts or summary pages. I already have Feb on my screen and its filling itself in :)


I used:

SNU Editable Calendars

JDE Watercolor Winter

TYO Fit Kit

SNU SS Alpha Collage

  Report Image

Photo Information


Love the calendar idea for all the days, and some lovely photos to finish it off and match with some dates. TFS xxx

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THis is so cool and really looks great. I really like how you recorded in photos and words and the "W's" are a great idea and very descriptive.

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Neat page. Great idea to keep it up during the week to make notes. I'm sure you'll have lots of things most people wouldn't remember otherwise.

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Great idea! I like how you used symbols to put the information on the calendar. It saves space and still give lots of information. I'm marking it for inspiration. Thank you!

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