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Monday Challenge Stars and stripes


Hilary Locke

Monday Challenge Stars and stripes

Yes the stripes are in there - just!

I had the good fortune to see the live tour of Strictly Come Dancing (Dancing with the Stars) in London on Saturday. The photographs were taken from the giant screens to the sides of the stage and so are not good quality unfortunately. TFL

DEB_Fascination_Alpha (coloured)

    I can just imagine what fun it was to see them in person! You got some great photos, especially since it looks like they were moving around pretty fast. I love the way the cord loops across the layout; it looks like dance moves. Pretty background, too.
    How fun that must have been. Great LO
    I love that shade of green in the background! Great use of the stripes...I do see them! It sounds like you had a fabulous time! Thanks for joining the challenge!
    Your photos look great and have a real sense of movement/dancing. I like the colors you used and enjoyed your journaling. Great layout.
    Wow, great photos and it looks like a fun show to watch. Love your page. The string with stars works so well and I like how you did the title too. :)
    Great action shots. Well done page.
    Great photos - I like the stars on the string... Great page