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Last week of volunteering to help Dylan’s Kindergarten class with their swimming lessons. They learned how to put on life jackets and get comfortable floating in the pool. The kids did really great!


Later in the week we went to Toys R Us for the kids to buy things with their allowance. Dylan got the Hex Bug track. I experimented with slow timed photos. The track and bugs glow in the dark, you can see them moving around the track - look for blur in the corner.


The Wetter

"Everyday Moments are the best. In motivating my boys to help out with the laundry, which they were eager to do, the little one says he wants to put clothes in "The Wetter". "What ?" I asked. He very seriously repeated that he wanted to put the clothes in The Wetter. We laughed and laughed and reminded him that it is called The Washer. So cute, I hope he does decide to still call it "The Wetter"."

















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I especially like the photo of the boys in the trolley. I just had to giggle at your story about 'The Wetter' - super cute. I nearly forgot, the water splash and flowers looks great.

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Great photos and super journaling and "The Wetter" story is just so hilarious and actually quite descriptive. I like your colors and wow, what a cool game.

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Great photos! I love "The Wetter" journalling. I need to remember to include more of those stories in my layouts. Thanks for the inspiration.

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Great photos, and your story about "The Wetter" is just too cute! Kids say the funniest things, if we can only remember them all!

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