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Eaten by the Bird


© Amy Sauke

Eaten by the Bird

we were at a hockey game and, while I was out, the mascot came up and sat in my empty seat and proceeded to "eat" my son....looks like he enjoyed it! thanks for snapping the shot on your iPod Dad! (I had the camera with me)

this is just a JIF page that I modified for an 8.5x11 layout...

    Just great! The quote is perfect for the photo. this is going in my faves.
    This is so cute. We used to go to all of the hockey games when my son was about that age. I really like your design and the colors.
    Bright fun colors. Good choice of layout for the fun photo.
    Great photo and I love the paper stacks here.
    hahaha...that had to have been a blast! Great adjustments on the JIF page, it looks great!
    Fabulous quote and what a fun moment. Glad you got a photo.
    Fantastic clustering. Great LO
    Bahwahahaha love the mascot photo! Great JIF such pretty colors!
    Such a cute moment and i'm glad Dad had it captured! =)