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Bryce Canyon - Rim Trail

Photos from our walk/hike along the rim trail


From Bryce Point we hiked the Rim Trail toward Inspiration Point. Looking back, we could see tourists gazing out from the overlook we'd just left. The trail had many ups and downs, and few level stretches. Flowers grew abundantly beside the path, among them paintbrush, asters, and a little plant that looks like holly, but with green and red leaves, and white berries. Susie stopped to sniff a Ponderosa Pine, which is reported to smell like vanilla - but didn't. Each turn revealed new fantastic vistas: Casper and his friends, a lone spire, an ancient citadel, and Cinderella's castle.

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I love the colors you chose - really sets off the photos. And the outline around each picture... lets you put a lot of photos on one page without losing the importance of each one. Very nice page!

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I love your photo placements and how the journalling tucks right into them. The two pages look great with the map and route markers, etc.

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