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Project Life 2013 - A Day with Crawford

Project Life 2013  - A Day with Crawford

EBA Life Keeping Collection 2

Pocket Life: Life Keeping

    Awww....so adorable Sara! I love all the colors and the way you designed the layout! Awesome! What a cutie!:winking_baby:/>
    Look at those smiles!!! Glad to see you scrapping while you're taking some time away. *hugs*
    And isn't that the truth! What a clever layout to display the days of the week down one side. The title ties the theme all together. But those photos, oh those photos . . . adorable!
    I'm loving your little captions to go with each of the photos.
    He's adorable, Sara - love those little grins. Your side border looks great, too.
    This is going to be such a treasure for his family.
    This little guy is such a HAM! I wouldn't be able to stop snappin' pictures! Love those smiles he gives you. And, a great LO too!
    I love that you journaled this from the baby's view point. Beautiful layout.
    Great page Sara. Love how you chronicled your day with Crawford and all the fun bright colors. Your photos are the best!
    Oh, gosh - how cute Sara. A day in the life of Crawford and Nanny. Super special photos and wonderful page. This book is going to be so special.