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Project 2013 - Inside front page of Crawford's Book

Project 2013 - Inside front page of Crawford's Book

I wanted to make the front page kind of a letter to Crawford's parents to let them know that their baby is in good hands - I'm not a poet, but I tried! I'm not set on this page yet so if anyone has any suggestions on making it better, I'm open to most anything.

Thanks for looking.

I used JDE Baby Boy

    Love this. It's just a beautiful layout both in photos and words.
    Sara, so beautiful. Your poem is so touching and your photos just too precious. What a wonderful start to Crawford's book, I know his parents will be so pleased. And so will Crawford when he grows up.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!! All the pics are SO CUTE and the one with the rings is just precious!!
    Love the thoughts and promises you made little Crawford and his parents, very beautiful. They should treasure this.
    This is a treasure, for sure, Sara! I love everything about it and wouldn't change a thing. Beautiful!
    It brought tears to my eyes Sara! I wouldn't change a thing! I love it!:tissue:/>
    Wonderful pictures - especially those cute little toes! This will be a wonderful start to your book.
    too precious. love the photo with the rings on the toes. Is this your first grand-baby or just the newest one
    Putting together a book of photographs for his parents is such a good idea, but adding this first page is a really thoughtful touch. I'm sure they will be really moved.
    So sweet, a lovely poem WOW!