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Week 49 December 2-8

Week 49 December 2-8

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Thursday we went to the Grotto to hear Thomas sing with the Concert Choir. The lights there are so beautiful and I love that the displays are Christ-centered. Friday night was the Christmas party at church. Good food and beautiful music. They had crayons on the table for the kids to color, and Thomas and his nerdy friends wrote out equations. He even taught some to the younger kids there. We got our Christmas tree on Saturday, but didn't put any decorations on it yet. That night Thomas sang the National Anthem with Fretless at a Blazer game. We had decent seats, but the game wasn't very exciting.

Sugar Plum Collection Biggie
Watercolor Christmas Collection

    Lovely photos (gorgeous one of the choir!). Here's another of your pairs of pages going into my favorites! :)
    Well done on your blocking. Yeah you are so close to being done!
    Your photos are always so wonderful and your journaling so interesting, April. I feel like I'm watching a tv show of your family. Your books must be gorgeous when printed and what a wonderful memento.
    I enjoy looking at your photos. Love the journaling card.
    Lovely photos as usual. I like the way these photos show your preparation for Christmas.