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Week 53 December 26-31

Week 53 December 26-31

Whew, aren't you happy I'm done uploading 2012? Posted Image

Wednesday Cathrine had friends over to bake macarons. That night I took Thomas to the Dr. and he prescribed two new migraine medications. Annette, Mark and Charlotte headed to Waldport on Saturday to spend New Year's with his parents . They went to the Aquarium on Monday and had lots of fun at the Filipino New Year's Eve party they attended at the Shilo Inn. Cathrine went to the coast for New Years too with a group from church and had a fabulous time. I started feeling sick over the weekend, and by New Year's Eve, I was coughing so much Bob slept in the other room. It was a quiet, early night for us.

Thanks for looking!!!

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Pop The Cork

    Congrats on finishing up your 2012! They are all so good. Your book will be a keeper!
    Great photos of happy times and super journaling April. I have enjoyed sharing through your year via your pages.
    yeah for the completion of 2012! well done!