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The page is printed, then each rectangle is cut out and placed in a pocket of a page protector.


I have to admit that the Super Bowl doesn’t really matter to me. I don’t follow any particular teams. Someone asked who I was rooting for. I had to ask who was playing. But...for Rich and the boys, I enjoy making fun foods, putting out snacks, and decorating for the occasion. We decided to pull for the 49ers. (Rich is a Miami Dolphins fan.) The 49ers had a comeback after the lights went out. But, the Ravens won 34-31.


Favorite Superbowl Commercial: OREO Whisper Fight

There were several touching commercials during the Super Bowl, but my favorite one was the OREO Whisper Fight. Two guys in a library start debating what is better...the creme or the cookie. Of course, they are whispering. Then other people there join in with chairs breaking, lamps flying, bookshelves knocked down, general pandemonium. All while whispering. Firemen burst in with water spraying while whispering, “Fiiiiire!” The angry librarian whispers, “I’m calling the cops!” The cop car breaks through the wall. Through his megaphone, the cop whispers, “You have to stop fighting! We’re the cops!”


Our dinner included beef/bean nachos with toppings, twice baked potatoes, celery & carrots. Snacks came later.


Bray and Evie Collection


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Arrows Galore Embellishment

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what a great recap of the SuperBowl...love that you included your favorite commercial with some of the pictures!

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What an interesting set of cards. I keep wanting to click in and look closer. What fun you must have had putting this together.

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I absolutely LOVE this! You have journaled your day so wonderfully well!! Great photos. Everything so beautifully done. Wish we all could have been there to enjoy the fun with you and your family. You are making fun memories here.

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Wow... i respect you for the effort you put in to make the day such a fun one, even though football itself means nothing to you! And your description of the library commercial is such a hoot. =)

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