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Saturday Feb9 Color Challenge

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It was an awesome snowstorm and our Norwich Terrier, Bunny, just LOVED the snow!









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Oh my gosh. That is the cutest little thing. I love your torn paper and your snowy background. But that dog is the most precious little angel. Love the coat. What a fun layout.

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What a cutie! I can just see him 'plowing' that nose through the snow. I like how you layered the two old, paper pieces at the left.


I don't 'dress up' my Yorkie, but I HAVE had to get out his winter coats and raincoat lately! He detests the raincoat (I think its the hood), but it certainly makes a difference in how wet he gets when its pouring outside! This is the first time I've had a dog that needed a winter coat when it was really cold (live in the mid-South). The Yorkies have silky, human-like hair without the usual doggie undercoat.


Hope you came through the blizzard with no problems.

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Fun! Bunny looks like she's having a blast. Great job with the colors and I really like your cluster. Thanks for joining!

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Oh, he's so cute with the snow in his whiskers. I like the way you've tucked the photos under the torn edges. The snowflakes are a really nice touch.

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