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Jeff saw an advertisement for a forestry demonstration on maple syrup at ISU, so took the boys one weekend while I was at work. He asked a bunch of questions while there and decided he was going to tap our maple tree the following year. It got mentioned a few times over that year, and Christopher reminded him in January to order the supplies. The whole experiment has been quite fascinating! Jeff drilled a hole, put in the spile and hung a bucket to collect the sap. We drain the bucket at least once a day into a (very) clean milk jug and place in the refrigerator. When we have a few gallons of sap, Jeff boils it off using the turkey fryer outdoors. He then finishes it on the stove where he can keep a super close eye on it until it becomes exactly the right temperature and consistency. He pours it into (very) clean glass syrup bottles which we store in the refrigerator until show time - “Daddy, can we pleeeaaaase have pancakes?!” Our first year, 2011, worked very well. The strange non-winter of 2012 wasn’t conducive to much sap, but we still got 1 bottle from our just-big-enough tree. Our neighbor is intriguedand is letting us tap his two maples too, for a portion of the syrup. The ISU forestry guy was quite impressed that we actually went home and followed through!

stock photo from Sarah Katzenell

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