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Project Life 2013 4th-5th Grade Concert


© Amy Sauke

Project Life 2013 4th-5th Grade Concert

supplies in EXIF. thanks for looking

    I like the row of pictures and the use of the round framing
    I like the photos down the side with the program listed.
    Great photos! And a great idea too, to chronicle the songs of the concert. I love the musical notes, too, going up the page. Lovely layout!
    I like how you used the row of circles for the photos and that you included the song list for the concert. Looks great!
    Great pictures of the boys singing. Love the suble music notes.
    Your choirboy looks so angelic! Great idea to include the song list and other details, and the circular photos in a column look great!
    I really like the vertical circles with the photos! Great background!