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Judah and G.G.


Marlene Peacock

Judah and G.G.

I will love you forever!
The hardest part of losing you, is knowing that these little guys won't get to know you.

    Beautiful use of this collection. Love the framing and the layers. Great clustering too.
    This was one of the Jiffy Layouts included in the scrap girls club for this month. I duplicated the photo frame, to accommodate 2 photos. So, I can't take any credit for the layout itself! Really, I just added some text, and the extra frame, and some word art. I wasn't up for much thinking today, as we just got the news of my MIL's passing this morning.
    So pretty - I love the frame and the color choice.
    So sorry to hear of your family's loss. Pretty page - the photos work really well with the colors.