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Project 2013 - Another Awesome Day with Crawford

Project 2013 - Another Awesome Day with Crawford

I used Elisha's Life Keeping Collection and PJO's PJO_JIF6_LoveBug_hearts

The author of the poem is unknown - it looks a little blurry on the mb so here it is"


Take my hand....imagine
What it will someday be.
A hand thatís strong,
A hand thatís kind
Is that what you foresee?

A hand thatís skilled,
A hand thatís sure,
A hand that someday may,
Take another little hand
And guide it on itís way.

    Another darling set of photos! so cute. I like the included pictures of his clothes
    I love the collections and templates you've been using. They always look wonderful with your photos. He's just so adorable, I love looking at his pictures!
    Such cute photos and love the Pocket life arrangement. So nice to document his first Valentine's day.
    How'd I miss this first time around? Your photos and Crawford are so precious and I love your focus on the hands. Super journaling and page, Sara.
    i love the poem!!! And are those close-ups of his clothes? So cute!
    Love the little hearts~! And a great idea to get closeups of his gym and clothes those little details!