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Thursday Challenge "So Natural"

I enjoy blending photos into background papers. This works best with a layer mask, especially if the background of the photo is busy and/or uninteresting. For this LO I placed the element of the photo I wanted to use in its correct position on the page. I created a blank layer over the photo, then using Brandy Murry's Dynabrush BG Blenders and the colour set to black, I blanked out the element of the photo I wanted to retain. I then dragged this layer below the photo and clipped it to the masked I'd created (using CTRL G) Additional brush strokes can be added to reveal more of the photo if needed or the eraser can be used to blank out parts that are not required. I played about with the blending modes until the required effect was achieved (in this case Luminosity at 25%)









AWI_Murano_Alpha (withdrawn)

SNU_FollowBliss_WrdArt-Label (coloured)




© © Hilary Locke

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Gorgeous LO, love the extraction and the blending, looks like he's a whizz on the computer already. TFS xxx

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I love the way you pulled his feet out of the picture frame! I also love the blended photo. Beautiful page.

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Wow, lovely photo and blending and thanks so much for describing how you do it. Cute photo and I love the OOB feet. So true about how computers and such all comes so naturally to little ones these days.

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Love those feet sticking out of the frame! Awesome blending. It is amazing what the little ones can do with computers now isn't it?

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Nice use of the OOB technique. I like that you used a lighter colored paper on the left side so that his feet would stand out. Nice job!

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I did a double take when I saw this page - surely that can't be Rowan I said... gulp! Having an interest in computers can only be a good thing but isn't it amazing how they are so into it so young!?! Your OOB looks terriic and I do love that little blended Rowan cornerpiece... your title is spot on too!

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