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Project Life_January Wk 2 (R)

Project Life_January Wk 2 (R)

Journaling for Wk. 2 ~
The last photo on Wk 1 shows you the cliff winding down to the outskirts of Woy Woy on the Central Coast our first stop. Wk 2 ~ It was a lovely picnic area situated on part of the Brisbane Waters - we continued onto Pearl Beach a scenic ocean beach - you can see Etalong in the distance, unfortunately it was blowing a Northerly so we packed up again & went over the hill to Patonga facing the south for our picnic. Friendly pelicans came by which we fed & watched young families swimming, rowing & walking out towards the houses as this inlet was so shallow & calm. Afterwards we travelled along the highway another way home. Later this week Mother ended up in hospital with a sinus infection - these are her roses I gave her & brought home later...

Credits go to ~
Scrap Girls - Pocket Life Series…
Scrap Girls - Jan Ransley - ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates - 12 x 12 That's life
Week 1 ~ JRA_SSA_Eday_T2 & Week 2 ~ JRA_SSA_Eday_T2_Flipped
Scrap Girls - Jacqui Smith - digiDoer Everyday - January Collection - Special for Aus Day - Jan 2013
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    Wow, gorgeous photos and page Jemima. I enjoyed your journaling. Super work.
    Wonderful double page. Great journaling.
    Nice that you included a photo of the roses you bought for your mum. We all have photos like these... snapshots of food and other little details in our lives, and they would never see the light of day if not for a project like this. Great job! =)

    (Hope your mum's better now?)
    I like how you used the template and the pretty flower is a great touch!