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Project 2013 - Just playing around this morning

Project 2013 - Just playing around this morning

I saw a layout of Syndee's that I really wanted to scrap lift so just trying it on for size right now. I've never, never, never done a page with white space so I really, really, really would love to hear some cc - this is a whole new world to me and I can't decide if I like it. LOVE Syndee's, but mine just looks like it's missing something, so fire away please!!!! :)/>/>

I just printed it out and really, really don't like it - any advice?

This is Syndee's layout that gave me the idea to try something new - mine looks nothing like hers! :)/> :)/> Sigh! Snapshot

I used SG Anniversary Camera
EBA Life Keeping Collection
ABR Sweet and Sassy

    HI Sara, looks fine to me! Love the quote!

    But since you ask for suggestions, you could try removing the vertical filmstrip, or nudge it down next to the camera so that it becomes part of the central cluster, or even all the way down so that the bottom of the vertical filmstrip more or less aligns with the horizontal filmstrip of the bottom of the layout. i am trying to visualise the possibilities and i'm not sure how effective these suggestions would be, but i guess you'll know after you fiddle around with it a bit. Hope this helps! =)
    Love the white space. the black and white photo is great. Love the page.
    Hi Sara, I am certainly not an expert but what does it look like with some texture to your background? If you added larger shadows that change things. But with that said, it does look great and how can you go wrong when you get to work with such a great subject!!!
    I really like this, Sara - especially the soft colors (even gray instead of black!) Almost all of your elements are clustered together, which pulls in the viewers eye, while leaving white space.

    Since you asked - the left filmstrip is just floating out there, somewhere in space... I think removing it is simplest, but you could try moving it nearer the edge, as Syndee did. Or replicate it once or twice and merge to make a longer strip, and then fiddle with its placement between the cluster and the edge until it feels right to YOU - it is your layout!
    I love the pops of color with all the white space and the b&w photo. Isn't it great to be able to ask for help with a new technique? I haven't gotten over the need to fill the whole page with photos yet... I think it's a step that will take me a while!
    Great title & you've done a wonderful job with the white space. The only suggestion I have is that perhaps you don't even need the top & left film strips?
    Thanks everyone! I appreciate you input so much! I'm working on taking all of your advice and I'll post what I've done later on - SG gals rock!
    Cute photo & love your page 'n design
    Sara this is awesome! Love the b&w photo and pops of color. I agree with the others. The only thing that I would even consider changing is the left film fragment. I am like you, I have a very hard time with white space. You have done a wonderful job here. Congrats!
    LOL love the quote tis so true! I am sure Ava feels the same way about ME!