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Project Life Week 6 (right side)

Project Life Week 6 (right side)

The Chinese characters are part of the lyrics to a relatively new Chinese New Year song. This is one of two CNY songs that have been ringing in my head this whole season. Here's my rough paraphrase (my Chinese is not the best):

As the days and years pass one by one
Every day is a good day
i enter this new year with a spirit of joy in contentment
And see a red letter day

Note: most of the 'traditional' CNY songs we hear during this season either celebrate the arrival of spring, or more annoyingly, the hope for a new year of riches and good fortune. There's actually one immensely popular one about the arrival of the god of fortune, and the lyrics actually talk about welcoming the god of fortune into your home and therefore striking it rich, both via a roaring business and striking lottery. i wish i could say that songs like these don't reflect the actual mindset of most ethnic Chinese, but i'm afraid we aren't stereotyped as money-faced for no reason... haha!

    Fantastic set of photos and a wonderful double pager.
    Great layout design! I love the positions of your photos, and I especially love how you shared your Chinese culture with us. Beautiful double page!
    I love the colors and the slightly oriental feel your embellishments provide. And the way you've managed to get in so many photos. Really nice page.
    Wonderful double page, wonderful colours, design & photos
    Wonderful colors and photo layout. Love your comments and I don't think love of money and material things is unique to the Chinese culture!
    Such a pretty grouping of photos I love your colors too!