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Smithfield, London


& Eden 2013

Smithfield, London

I found this photo in my 2004 travel collection. I copied the areas of the photo that matched the colour swatch and then "turned down" the saturation of the main photo to make it black and white. TFL


ABR_BWY_Emb-Button-Brown.png copy
BMU_Emphemera Paper
BMU_JunkTruck Paper
Flergs_FamilyArchives_FamilyTree_Swirl.png copy
Font: Mistral
Photo: Wells Collection
SNU ChickenWire Brushset

    Gosh - I dont think I've ever seen headstones stacked in this way before. I expect they were put like that to make way for others. Clever idea to convert to b & w everything except the colours in the swatch. A really effective LO.
    What a fabulous photo this is. I love cemeteries and old headstones. I've not seen headstones placed like this either. Love the background paper and the chicken wire. I love the little pops of color in the photo, especially on the tree and the headstones.
    I love this one! The brown is good but the bright spots of colour on this look so effective... I really like the black and white with the green... you have the BEST travel photos, really varied and interesting!
    That photo is a real attention getter. Black and white is so suitable for such a somber sight. The layout is outstanding and your use of color is very effective in accenting the photo itself. I am such a big fan of chicken wire. It just fits in everywhere doesn't it. And it anchors the entire cluster. Very well done.
    What a neat idea. I like how you used the photo treatment to pull out the colors for the challenge. I also like that cluster behind the 1st photo. Thanks for participating!
    This is great! What a neat photo - the tree trunk adds depth and textural interest. The little bit of color from the swatches is a nice touch and the colors do look great with your photo. I especially like that touch of rusty brown. Nice fonts and wordart too.
    Another great LO.love the layering of photo, mats and chicken wire and I like how you have kept certain colours in the photos. TFS xxx
    Oh wow, this one is wonderful also Eden, but being a blender I think I like #2 even more. But I do love how this one looks too - super photo and lovely background. I really like how you used the wire and tucked your embellishments behind. Super layout.
    Absolutely gorgeous Eden. Love the placement.
    Great stacking. Love the use of the chicken wire. Well done page.!