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Smithfield, London


& Eden 2013

Smithfield, London

Round 2

Font: Mistral
Photo: Wells Collection

    I love this second page. The brown color is wonderful and there is a nice hazy, almost ghostly, look to the page. Very fitting for tombstones. Love both pages. You did a great job.
    Oooo...I like this one even better! Beautiful!
    Oh my. I can't decide which one I like best. They are both just wonderful and each treatment is effective. I possibly like this one the best just because of the size of the picture. But the brown paper and the blending just make it completely different.
    What a great photo and blending, the stones blend well with the colour you've chosen. TFS. xxx
    I love the blending!! I also really like the way you did the title. Beautiful page.
    Oh gosh lovely, Eden and I am going backwards so haven't even seen your first page yet. I really like what you did witht he photos and color - how creative and it looks fabulous. Your blending is wonderful and I like the texture in your background. Great photo, too.
    Work of art!
    Different effect - this one looks much spookier, I think it's the blended edges. Great photo, though & I do like that background color. Nice wordart, too - I like the naked tree.
    the background is beautiful with your blending and the photo. Great page.
    Beautiful blending. Love the colors. So nice.