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2/9 Color Challenge - Ivory Bust

2/9 Color Challenge - Ivory Bust

I've been wanting to scrap these photos - the event was so memorable. The colors from the 2/9 challenge worked very well, I thought. The Angie Briggs Sweet Words had the perfect colors. I did blend the solid purple with the yellow floral layer to darken them. Sorry to be late again.

I used ABR Sweet Words Flowers
AFT Gratitude Embellishment Alpha
AFT Gratitude Embellishment Card
BMU Countryside Embellishment Special
ABR Sweet Words Purple Motif
ABR Sweet Words Purple Solid
ABR Sweet Words Red Solid
ABR Sweet Words Yellow Floral
SNU BS Urgan Grunge Photo Mask
Created with GIMP
Font: Script MT Bold, Bold

December 2012. The Department of Environmental Conservation took part in a sting operation and confiscated a huge amount of ivory from an illegal dealer. After the trial, the ivory was put on display in our building. The heaps of ivory were breath-taking. Every person walking in the door said 'Oh, my God!". It was definitely a once in a life-time event. Apart from the huge number of elephants poached, I was distressed to see these gorgeous pieces of art, knowing that the artists were almost certainly getting subsistence wages for these masterpieces of carving.

    Oh, Aggie, you're right. These photos are beautiful and so sad at the same time. The colors really show off the pictures. Thanks for participating! And no worries about being "late." There's no such thing in the challenges unless there are prizes associated. :)
    Beautiful and sad are certainly the right words to describe these works of art. I can see why you would want to scrapbook this event. Nice work!
    Cool LO. Well done page. Your extraction is beautifully done.
    So sad that such beautiful art is created at the expense of wonderful animals. As you say, a real pity for those who created the objects too. Thankyou for creating suc a thought provoking LO.
    What a sad story. Too bad they couldn't have used their artistic talents and put them to use in something they did not have to destroy to get. Great challenge LO, Aggie.
    This is a beautiful layout. Such beautiful artwork at such a sad cost, though.
    What a worthwhile scrap. Sad story to make beautiful art. But I'm glad you documented it and I got to see it. I like everything about your layout.