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circa 1930's my mom and grandparents

circa 1930's my mom and grandparents

dont know much about this photo other than who is in it but liked it for the clothing and my grandfather with his cigarette

used jens 12of never and antiquity

cc always appreciated

    I really like the antiqued look of the whole page. The colors are great and the composition is really nice.
    Wonderful layout with a vintage feel. Nice work!
    Hmmm - I've never seen a dress quite like that before, but the shiny material looks rather dressy. However, I don't see a hat and your granddad isn't wearing a tie. Could it be a picnic? I have some similar poses in some old family photos which have more details to show it is a picnic.

    I love all the pieces to the background; all the colors & patterns come together so well. The white flowers look especially nice.
    What a cool photo! I think you did a wonderful job and creating this LO...wonderful color, textures and *feel* of it all.
    what a treasure to have--my grandparents never looked this dressed up. Your granddad's cigarette and my granddad's pipe--just a part of them that we remember. I remember watching the smoke curls--dad had a pipe for years too. Great old timey look!
    Absolutely love the colors and embellishments with this photo
    love all the details in this layout...perfection!
    Love this Bobbie!
    I love the torn photo and the very grungy look of the background. Really lovely layout.