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Feb 14 - Technique - Lighthouse

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Lighthouse at Bill Baggs State Park - Key Biscayne


I liked Jody's tutorial for this challenge. I really liked the photo of the lighthouse with the bright white against the clear blue sky. Using the new technique I brushed over the photo leaving it incomplete and added a blue background and used the same brush to erase away some of the color to mesh the two together a bit. It was fun to do.


Poem: "The rocky ledge runs far out into the sea, And on its outer point, some miles away, The lighthouse lifts its massive masonry, A pillar of fire by night, of cloud by day." Henry Wadsworth Longfellow







BMU_Seascape_EMB_Foam,foam border, sand





BMU_DynBrush_ArtDiary with Gaussian blur

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Gorgeous - the brushwork looks like spray - so perfect for this photo - and the foam at the foot of the light really helps this illusion. I like the poem, too - the biblical allusion so subtle but so perfect. Great layout.

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The way you have managed to use this technique to make the dots look like salt spray is just stunning! I have seen paper scrapped pages where they sprinkle salt on the page to affect the watercolours used and it gives this dreamy soft blended effect... And you have nailed that here! It looks like the spray from the sea has hit your page!! The foam and poem are brilliant touches but the salt effect has me looking and looking (and wondering how you got it to look like that!!!)... Stunner!

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Oh, this is gorgeous CheryllAnn. I feel like I'm right at the base of that lighthouse looking up with the seaspray getting me all wet. Your background blending, swirls and bubbles make your layout almost 3D and I really like the simple embellishment you used. Your brushwork is amazingly beautiful, too. Super, super page. I love it.

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What a wonderful job making this look like it’s in the middle of a storm-tossed sea. And I never tire of a lighthouse photo, especially one taken at that angle.

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