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I was wondering how that new embellishment would look with pictures in each square -- now I see! Love that you've extended some across a couple squares, and that some squares are saved for paper to fill. It keeps it interesting and light -- not too dense. Thank you for thinking about it so I don't need to.:D/>

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Beautiful pages Andrea. I love that ruby tree embellishment and your use of the squars. I also really like the font you used for the month and year. Which font is it?

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Beautifully balanced pages, Andrea. I love the way the swirly tree in the background is reinforced by the swirling leaves - both lead your eyes to the photo blocks. Who knew you could make roses of duct tape? I especially like the closeups of your knitting. And I totally agree with Terri's comment - I downloaded that freebie with no idea how to use it.

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