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SSClub Feb 2013_Bear Paw 2

SSClub Feb 2013_Bear Paw 2

Really had fun playing with this SWEET collection!

BMU_CottageChristmas_Paper_Painted.jpg copy


    A great second page too, love the journaling to remind you, everything that went on and how proud you are. Once again love the blocked photos! TFS xxx
    Wonderful photos -- and I love how the two pages coordinate! Fun colors and background, too. I especially like the scattered sweets across the pages. They really add to the fun, festive mood. The ribbons and your banner title bring our eye across the pages smoothly. I often find two-pagers difficult so these are going into my favorites for inspiration. :)
    I like the look of the two panels, too. And the banner & ribbon does tie the two pages together nicely.
    Love the series of photos you used in both pages. Great 2 page layout.
    This is a totally fun two-page spread! Great collection of shots, too.
    What a FUN 2-pager! Fun paper and accents!
    Great job with all the embellishments!
    What a fun 2-page spread! Your colors are perfect for the theme and photos and I like the confetti-style placing of all the elements. Super job!
    You did a super job and what a wonderful two-page spread. I really get such a happy fun and sunny feeling from your layouts and great photos. Lovely, Jaymee.
    Your pages are just so colorful and fun!!! You really did a wonderful job!!!