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Love Hurts


2013 Jennifer Ziegler

Love Hurts

This collection features the other side of your traditional Valentine's Day!

Love Hurts Collection Mini
ScrapSimple Tools - Actions: Paper Tears 5001 by Melissa Renfro

    Awww, such a sad thought. Good choice of color, though to show the sadness.
    The colors and embellishments are lovely. I love the use of the torn picture. It really adds to your title theme. I feel pain for them.
    This caught by eye right away! I love the colours and the torn pictures are the perfect touch! TFS!!!
    I especially like that gorgeous deep red background. Like spilled blood? (only kidding) I also like the barbed wire. Beautiful layout... and I'm hoping for a happy ending here after all. :D
    I really love that you've scrapped a less-than-picture-perfect part of life in a spot-on-picture-perfect way. The deep purple is such a thoughful color choice here, and the embellishments drive the point home, so to speak. Well done!
    I have a daughter going through this--no one saw his mental illness. Your LO would fit my daughter- very sad.
    Beauty within the sadness. Rich colors.