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Enjoy Life to it's Fullest with Baby Crawford

Enjoy Life to it's Fullest with Baby Crawford

Our Every Morning "Good Morning" kiss!

I used Doris Castle's Extreme Vibes Collection for this layout

Thanks for looking and I so hope you aren't tiring of my layouts of Baby Crawford - He's just so photogenic and so happy and I can't resist taking pics of him all day long!

    I love it Sara. Like me, ...can't stop using my baby either....
    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Do ENJOY!every wonderful moment. (You look so happy!)
    it is life giving to kiss a baby that you love.
    That is such a dear photo, who good get tired of seeing the love of a grandma for her grandchildren!!
    I like the blending and your title. Nice work!
    Oh Sara - I will never tire of seeing baby Crawford! That little man sure will grow up knowing the love of his Nanny!! How fortunate is he. Beautiful page as well - your blending into the creative background is gorgeous.
    So sweet. Love the photo. Great bg choice.
    What a sweet photo! I love your blending and the super background. I'm going to have to look at that collection. Great card!
    How did I miss this - it's so sweet. Adorable photo and I really like how beautifully you blended it into your pretty background. Lovely word art, too Sara.
    We will never get tired of pictures of cute litle Crawford. Snap away!