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Masada - Right hand page

Masada - Right hand page

it was so hot up there, but it was so fascinating too. amazing history


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    Oh, I love this page - both of them. When I was in Jerusalem we did not have time to visit Masada and I've always wanted to. Your photos are wonderful and your journaling so interesting and I can only imagine the heat. I was in Israel in July and it was super hot and they said if we DID go to Masada it would have to be in the wee hours of the morning.
    I really like the soft colors you used and the overall look to your page.
    I love how you used the sand and sky colors for this layout and I really like the little arrows used to write the descriptions for the photos. Great photos by the way. I'm going to put this one into my favorites for inspiration.
    Love that you included the photo of the matching shirts. Great journaling.
    My Dad is a history buff and I've known about the Masada since I was a little girl. It must have given you goosebumps being at such a historic site! Love your 2-pager:)