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Project Life_January Wk 4 (R)

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Journaling for Wk 4 ~ Introducing Harrison my new friend. This week my BP was up & down & dizzy because of the Dr’s tablets & a liver upset :-( Went out to get a blood test - don’t like them - eventually with good results which we were thankful for. Otherwise rested at home on the river! Went out twice for treatments & had sushi for lunch - YUM! Went to Bradley’s Head, viewing area to see the action on Sydney Harbour for Australia Day! Friends joined us for a BBQ & to watch the ferry race - tall ships race - flying hornets overhead + a Qantas Plane flying over with disabled children as a treat for them.


Credits go to ~

Scrap Girls - Pocket Life Series…

Scrap Girls - Jan Ransley - ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates - 12 x 12 That's life






Scrap Girls - Jacqui Smith - digiDoer Everyday - January Collection - Special for Aus Day - Jan 2013


Font - Wicker SF & WordArt from Jacqui

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