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Adelle, Addie & Bertram

Adelle, Addie & Bertram

My grandmother and great-grandmother with Bertram, the youngest brother.

Thanks for looking!

19 Hearts Collection Biggie
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Lettering Delights Old Glory
Lettering Delights Remington Portable

    You have the best old photos! I love the pretty colors here, and your cluster is gorgeous!
    I love the cluster on the bottom. Such a great way to keep an old photo alive.
    Well, this was worth waiting for April. Super special photo and page - I like how you used this collection and how you put your background together. Your embellishment cluster is beautiful.
    Beautiful heritage layout! I love the clustering and the colors!
    Love, love love that photo. The flocked wallpaper background and your cluster are amazing!
    April, the photo is very beautiful, and the layout enhances it in so many ways. The colors are perfect, and the embellishments provide focus. Wonderful.
    What a great old photo! I really like the supplies and how you've used them in this.
    oh April, you really do have the heritage touch. I want to reach out and touch those flowers, just gorgeous
    Awesome photo and gorgeous LO :)
    Love the photo and color choices. Great clustering too.