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Bailey's Love Birthday

Bailey's Love Birthday

Yesterday Brandy Murry linked a tutorial for making this portrait. I loved it so much I had to give it a try. This is my version using the picture of my granddaughter on her 5th birthday.

Supplies are Brandy's Silhouette Action 8105 and 19 Hearts Brush.

I couldn't wait to try this technique and I truly love it. It will be fun to see what else I can create with these products.

    What a cool look!
    This turned out great! I love it!
    This is just a fantastic effect! I have to give this a try!
    What a great technique - this turned out just wonderfully! Great job, I love it.
    Love it!!! This turned out fantastic!!
    Lovely interpretation of the tutorial--this is a keeper!
    I need to try this! It turned out great. Way to go!
    This technique is definately a favourite. You've worked it to perfection.
    Fabulous! It's fun to see it thru your eyes. :wub:
    LOVE this the work are in the blending is a fantastic idea. Great job.