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Sat. 2/16 - Great Blue Heron

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I thought the colors for this week were perfect for this photo of a Great Blue Heron that I took last fall. It's such a spectacular bird! Gently blended, this photo flows almost seamlessly into Durin Eberhart's Chenille paper. I've seen several layouts like this recently - with the large photo on top and the ribbon crossways. I wish I could remember their names to give credit.

I used:


ABL_RoseScented_Border_Special.png (color adjusted)



VRA_Dresden_Emb_Tag2-Bead-Green.png copy


DEB_Chenille1_Paper_9.jpg (color adjusted)

DEB_Fiona_Paper_RedFloral.jpg copy



Created with GIMP

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Well, you knew I was going to love this bird photo, didn't you? :D It's gorgeous, Aggie. I love the beautiful way you've blended it, and the lovely colors you've used. I especially like your title-work and your overall design. Great page!

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What an amazing photo! I love the stillness of it shown by the reflection. There's a paper behind that? You're right it does blend so well. The bulrushes are a lovely touch.

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Gosh, this is pretty!!! Your photo is aweseom -- blue herons are so much fun to watch--so elegant! Nice how you captured his shadow in the water. Love your use of color and that your photo takes 2/3 of the page. The curly-q's at the top of the border are very nice. Great LO!

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Beautiful page, Aggie. And, yes, you're right. If you didn't tell us, I wouldn't have noticed the blending at all. Thanks for participating!

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Oh, Aggie this is gorgeous. Wow, what a photo and reflection - so cool you were able to get that shot. I really like your super beautiful blending and how you put this page together. A real work of art. Great page.

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