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Collecting Rocks

Collecting Rocks

I had a nice conversation with my dad when I was asking what they were really doing in this photo. He is pretty sure he was collecting them to edge a garden he'd created. Funny, cause he still collects rocks to make rock walls (and he's made some fabulous ones). He also told me that he got that wagon for Christmas during the war. It was a big deal, because it was really hard to find a metal wagon most kids got wooden ones. His parents must have gotten lucky.

Thanks for looking!

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    What great colors to use with that sepia photo. Your dad must have been a very ambitious child. Such wonderful shades of brown & the small leaves are a very nice touch.
    Wonderful page! That photo is so awesome and I love the journaling! And what a perfect collection to scrap it with.
    Gotta love the collectors of pretty rocks (and seashells). Awesome page, April. The photo is just adorable. You've been an inspiration to me in getting my collection of heirloom photos out and creating presentations. Having a great time with it.
    I love the colors! Beautiful clustering! I also like the torn paper.
    I just love what you've done with this April. The photo is awesome adn your torn pages and embellishments are wonderful. Fantastic title. Yep, I like everything about this.
    Gorgeous layout. I love the story of the rocks, and really love the whole design. I may need to scraplift it!. Sepia print, gold stripes, embellishments, patterns, and yet it's calm and attractive. Well done.
    The warm colors of your layout drew me in, then I saw that adorable photo. What a great snapshot! I love your design and that wonderful mix of patterns. The torn edges are inspired: they give some bright color to the deeper tones. Beautiful layout!
    Wow, you have the greatest family stories and photos April. I love your page and very much enjoyed reading about the photo. Super layout.
    Love how you layered this. Great page! You clustering is beautiful.
    Beautiful layout! As always so inspirational.