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Mon. 2/18 - Design, Repetition

Mon. 2/18 - Design, Repetition

I thought it would be good to use this series of photos in the multiple element challenge. Obviously, there are 3 photos & frames as well as 3 text boxes and 3 panels. I even did two different versions - I can't decide which I like better.

This heron was in a small pond in a cemetery near me, unfortunately, I wasn't fast enough to catch him when he took off - the bird is all legs & wings - pretty distinctive.

ABL_RoseScented_Border_Special.png (color adjusted)
Carribean Summer by MisticaDesigns at Scrapbook Flair
VRA_Dresden_Emb_Tag2-Bead-Green.png copy
DEB_Fiona_Paper_RedFloral.jpg copy
Marble, Rough (can't remember where it came from)
Fill Sans MT Extra Condensed Bold
Created with GIMP

    Oh gosh this is gorgeous, Aggie. So cool to see that bird and your photos are specataular. I really like yoru title and framing and I like the way these colors come together. Super journaling too. I've actually seen a bird like that in a little pond near me, too - makes me feel like I"m in Florida. Lovely page and so well done - I really like the trim you used across the page- so pretty. Now off to see the other version...
    Such beautiful birds! I love the fibrous looking background and the strung up title. Your borders and the arrangement of your journalling is wonderful.
    Love the orange with the little bit of blue behind the photos. The orange definitely makes the photos pop right off the page. Beautiful.
    I love orange! beautiful layout, and I can see your reflection in the third photo.:P/>
    I love both colors but I think I prefer the other one. Very pretty layouts.
    I'm with you, Aggie, I can't decide which I like better either - I love them both! Aren't they the coolest birds? Years ago I walked to work and had to cross a bridge over a dam and there was always one feeding near the dam. I would stop every morning and talk to him and he would stand there and look at me. It was great but my kids thought I was crazy, talking to a bird. ;)
    I like the orange, too! Amazing job on both!
    As promised... more wonderful heron photos! You did a fabulous job with the layout, too. I especially like the ribbons and lace going across the page. I'm not voting for a favorite version, however; they both look good to me.
    I love this LO in the orange. I love orange. Great job.