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Project 52 2013: January 1

Well, doing a double-page a month seems to be taking me as long to do as four double-pages did. But, at least I got it posted before February ended, right?


For this page I used:

SNU Embellishment Templates: 8.5x11 Pocket Life 6301

STI Pocket Life: New Year

STI Fall Watercolors Collection Mini

VRA Basic Brights Paper (retired)

and my own photos.

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I love the colors in your layout! Great photos again, though eeeuww to the stitches :D (Well, I'm glad you healed up OK at least.) The buttons are a cute touch.

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Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! I do not like stitches and I'm so glad that it's all healed and better now! I love your new format and your photos are great as always! I really like the different sizes of your pics - I can never seem to get mine to do that! Well done, my friend....well done!

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I really like the poscket look you are using. As usual, great photos and layout. I hope your finger is lots better!

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