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Matzah Brei


Matzah brei is commonly eaten as a breakfast food during Passover, when only unleavened bread is permitted.

I love ordering this at a diner and have made it myself at home. And, oops - I missed the deadline, sorry about that. I don't know what I was thinking.. :(

Thanks to Margie for help with the recipe.

For this recipe card I used:

BMU Shabby Bakery Collection Biggie

JCO Seder Night Mini Collection

STI Eggciting Collection Mini

BMU SS Embellisment Templates: Trinket Charms

BMU SS Paper Templates: Edgers Biggie

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This is so interesting... I have never heard of such a thing... I wonder if Jo makes this at Passover?? Really intriguing cultural insight... Love the design and pics - I was curious as to what it looked like... Lovely colours :-)

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I had no idea where this recipe was heading and then I got to the "sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar" and knew it was gonna be special!

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