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Project Life Week 8 (left side)

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Journalling reads:

A crazy busy week of hard work, long hours and stress headaches, as Daddy prepares to give a presentation to a hundred-strong crowd of all the company bigwigs on Wednesday. The night before D-Day, Daddy actually ropes in two bears, a floppy giraffe, and a curious little boy as his rehearsal audience. Thank God the presentation goes smoothly, and there is time to breathe a bit until the next phase, next week.

Meanwhile, the kids go about their business of growing up and having fun. Joyjoy is slowly adapting to her homework and willingly joins Neko-chan at the homework table most of the time. She still can’t grip her pencil properly and likes Mummy to hold her hand while she writes for security, even though Mummy is not steering. On Tuesday, for the first time ever, Joyjoy doesn’t scream through a visit to the doctor. Instead she sits quietly and allows the doctor to examine her, with tongue depressor and stethoscope and all. She even accepts the vitamin pill the doctor ‘rewards’ her with, pulling a real funny face as she chews it later. Sweets are not her thing! On Saturday, Joyjoy goes for her first ever dance class and ends up enjoying a private lesson as all her classmates can’t make it to class that day. Unfortunately there are no photos of any actual dancing, as Mummy has to dance together with her again for security and can’t operate the camera...

After (or despite) Daddy’s mega-production, the kids still manage to hit the playground some evenings, and Mummy ends up with some lovely photos of innocence in action. On Saturday evening, we travel to Pasir Gudang for the International Kite Festival, soaking up the carnival atmosphere and enjoying the amazing sight of hundreds of colourful kites up in the air together... and feeling a little like Charlie Brown as we try unsuccessfully to keep our own rainbow kite airborne for more than a minute at a time!

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Another wonderful page! It's great the way you a keeping track of your weeks. The kids will love this someday (and you'll enjoy looking back at it all.) I love the pretty colors you've used as well as the cute embellishments.

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Wonderful journaling - what a treasure your pages are that your kids will be thrilled to get one day! They sure seem to participate in a lot of fun activities! Beautiful double page!

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