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Project Life Week 9 (right side)

Project Life Week 9 (right side)

Journalling reads:
Mummy’s car refuses to start, so while Daddy and Neko-chan go off to borrow a jumpstart apparatus for the dead battery, Mummy indulges in a quick photo shoot with her favourite model. Thank God it’s Sunday, not Monday!

Sunday evening. Daddy brings the kids out to Legoland again so they can stretch their legs and have some fun. Neko-chan again drives super safely, after which both kids have lots of fun running and climbing around The Shipyard.

Note: Front doors (and back doors too) are frequently 'double-layered' in these parts. We have a 'normal' sturdy wooden door, but there's an additional grille layer in front. People here typically leave the wooden door open all day for ventilation and light, but lock the grille gate with a padlock. The wooden door closes when there's no one home, when it's mosquito hour (7 to 8pm) and when the family turns in for the night. So yeah, my kids have found another use for the grille gate... =)

Supplies in EXIF, thanx for looking!

    Such bright happy colors and your children are just adorable! TFS!
    I love the two pages together. You have great photos and your journaling is always interesting. There's always so much going on! It's a good thing you write it all down. :D
    Lego land! Yeah... A great place for kids, and you have it scrapped perfectly.
    I love these two pages. Nikki (DGD) also loves climbing the gate. I think your pages are really lovely. Great photos and journaling. Super design.
    Love the layered papers and the kids look like the love legoland!