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Project Life Week 9 (left side)

Project Life Week 9 (left side)

Journalling reads:
Noodles seem to be the Snack of the Week. Here Joyjoy demands that i share my lunch of super spicy tomyam noodles with her or waaahhhh... taking generous sips from her water bottle when the spice gets to her. Straight after that,. she and Korkor share a packet of Shoyuemi, which quickly disappears as each kid eats at record speed to make sure the other doesnít finish everything.

Their little legs are too short for them to actually pedal on Mummyís exercise bike, but that doesnít stop the kids from getting some fun out of it. Not only does Joyjoy use it as a climbing frame, it even doubles up as an indoor seesaw. When Neko-chan puts weight on his side, Joyjoy goes up. When he releases, he goes up and she comes back down!

Imaginative kids donít need a gym or even a playground to work out. Now both kids think itís fun to climb up and down the grille gate at the front door. Neko-chan has also been exercising his scissors, and here he proudly displays his handiwork from his recent cutting spree.

Note: Shoyuemi is a popular crunchy noodle snack, ready-to-eat from the packet. Neko-chan is cutting from a Kumon paper-cutting booklet, which is why all the crafts are so colourful!

    I'm really enjoying your pages! It's fun to see what the kids have been up to, and I love the way your embellishments illustrate your journaling. Thanks, too, for the food explanations.
    Fabulous! You Project life is looking great!
    I like your page or cards. Cute photos and good-looking pages.
    Love the little noodle bowl accent! And they are so stinking cute on the exercise bike too!