A Hundred Years from Now.........................

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This was done for a challenge that asked us to scrap a phrase or something we say all the time.....I say this WAY to often, usually to justify bad behavior like not dusting or procrastinating on some other chore....but REALLY....a Hundred years from now, no one will know we did not do all those things right....said this often to Jim as Kodi dug up our yard...have to say he was very patient about it.




Happy Day

A Park full of Whimsy

72_E_Clear Cover Frames

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Great layout, Ande! I love the curled plastic over the photos, and the journal. Great way to save an everyday memory! Thanks for sharing.

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Good one, Ande! And what a nice looking dog. We had a dog that used to dig holes like this, especially under the forsythia. Nice colors and title art. The flowers are a cute touch.

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