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March 8 - Scraplift - My Lense

March 8 - Scraplift - My Lense

I chose to scraplift this layout that I totally love, by Amy Flanagan! I bought myself a 50mm lense for Christmas and have had so much fun using it. I love that the lense focus is what is right up close to you and it gives such a lovely blur to the background. It produces pretty bokeh where light peeks through. Here are a couple of photos I took this past weekend during our walk. I really must figure out the name of this bush and sweet little red flowers, I think this may be a firecracker bush.


    I have lifted that same layout!! GREAT photos! (I don't know what those flowers are) I really like the way you included the picture of yourself and your lens! I like the ribbon border and the way it anchors the top photo. Thanks for joining the challenge!
    Beautiful! It's so bright and cheerful.
    Oh, Cheryll Ann this is just gorgeous - your photos and YOU peeking out from a flower - how clever. Your flower border is so pretty and the ribbon really anhors your pics on the page. Just lovely.
    So pretty. I like how you included the photo of yourself too. Looks great.
    I love the picture of you with your camera from the flower - you look like an angel. I love your bright colors and the different focal points that you have displayed. I think it's neat that your topic is the same as mine was in my layout. I'm glad you're enjoying your new lens! Thanks for the Scraplift!
    You did a great job on the photos and the layout! Very pretty flowers, whatever they are.
    I love this! I especially like the way you look coming from the white flower that contrasts so well with all the red. Pretty ribbon and absolutely gorgeous photos.

    By the way, One of our neighbors has that bush and they call it Firecracker, so I think you are right.
    This is stunning. Beautiful photos and colors. A great scrap lift.
    I knew this was yours as soon as I saw it in the gallery - you do such amazing LOs of beautiful, exotic (to this Midwesterner) flowers. Beautifully done and like the comments before me, love that you included your picture.
    What a great idea to include yourself in the page. Nicely done!