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Journalling: This was the first major snow fall of the season. We got at least 10 inches of snow. All of the boys went out to help Scott clear the driveway. I stayed in and made homemade granola bars and hot cocoa. When asked if we had a snow blower, I said no, we have 4 boys. Hot cocoa is far less expensive than gasoline!


Supplies used:

Jacqui Smith--Value Pack: digiDoer A

Value Pack: digiDoer B

Ginny Whitcomb--Pocket Life: Snowed In Cards

Sarah Batdorf--ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Basic Shadows 6501

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What a great page, Monica. Your photos are great and your journaling made me smile. I also really like the way you dated and journaled on your page.

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LOL Love your comment about the snowblower! Great page - great composition and great photos! I like the way your layout tells a story all in itself!

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The pages look great together, and I love the bits of bright red against all that snowy gray. Wow - that's sure a lot of snow!

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Reading your journaling - how funny; how true! I enjoy seeing your year progress and as always, am impressed with those who take on this challenge. (Sigh...maybe next year for me.)

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