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Journalling: This month, the kids worked really hard on their school work.
Jackson celebrated the 100th Day of School with a collection of macaroni.
Joshua made the honor roll for the very first time.
Jordan earned the most AR points in his class.

For his 5th grade science fair project, Jordan made a marble launcher and looked at angle versus horizontal distance.

Supplies used:
Jacqui Smith--Value Pack: digiDoer A
Value Pack: digiDoer B
Ginny Whitcomb--Pocket Life: Snowed In Cards
Sarah Batdorf--ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Basic Shadows 6501

    Great LO Nica! I love the bold black papers (they look like chalkboard) and fun alpha!
    Well done to all your boys! I like the chalkboard look you used for your journaling.
    Wow, congratulations to your boys and I love how you scrapped their achievements. Super photos and journaling and I really like the proud looks on all their faces. (& yours, too!)
    You're doing something right, Monica! Congrats to you and to your boys! Love your composition and that it's all about their awesome achievements! Great photos!
    Love this Monica. I really like how you used the black. Looks fantastic.
    Love the blackboard journaling. Congrats to the kids!
    This looks great and you must be a proud mama.
    Sweet photos -- and a wonderful page to remember the month. This is great!
    Monica, I can't believe I missed seeing this one earlier. Nice work and congrats to the boys for their efforts. The black really pops the photos.