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Thursday Catch Up week-Really?

Thursday Catch Up week-Really?

This is for my Catch Up week challenge.
Esti is my FUN grandchild. Always up to mischief.


When Esti was in gr8, she had lots of her friends in the class with her. Whenever the teacher left theclass room, everybody would start talking, playing and taking photos. Nobodyever did

any studying. Whenshe got to gr 9 this year, only one of her friends went into her new class withher. All the others went toanother class. The first time the teacher left the class, she thought, O boy,

fun. She was verysurprised when the whole class just started studying on their own. She and her friendjust looked at each other, shook their heads and said, REALLY?

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    Catching up on your catching up? :) Been there, love the bright colors and great photos. Esti is a lovely young lady.
    Fantastic, love the journaling and a great fun page to look back on in the future! Love the background paper and the title, just right!! TFS xxx
    I like the composition of this page, especially the way the photos increase in size as they go across then page; like they are building up to the big "REALLY!" Seems like " really" and "seriously" are the mainstays of my dgd's vocabulary!
    Uh oh, looks like Esti is in for a term of studying? I remember having so much fun when the teacher would leave the room too, hard to believe the kids wouldn't be hamming it up! What a fun page, great job with the Title!
    Great to catch up on Esti's activities. She does sound like she enjoys life. Very striking alpha in your title.
    I think Esti must take after her Grandma! What fun! I love seeing pics and reading stories about your grands - you must have the best time with them! I like your combination of papers and love, love the word art!
    Love the uniforms.... those were the days. Love it Belle. It's so nice to see you posting in the challenges again.