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March 9 - Sat Color - Dylan Zipping

March 9 - Sat Color - Dylan Zipping

I did this one a few weeks ago but thought the colors worked really well with the color challenge.

Journaling reads: "Dressed in his favorite jammies, with socks and headband, a kind of Barishnikov-side of Dylan's personality comes out when he realizes that he can "ZIP " fast around the tile floor in his socks. He is very good at keeping his balance and zooming around the corners of furniture."


    How cute! Love the way the type path curves around Dylan's zip path. Cool journaling - Barishnikov - lol!
    Great pictures of your little dancer. I love the swirled text and that title font.
    How cool. I love it! so nice to have memories recorded like that. I like the swirl of journaling - I can hear the music...
    Wow, what great action and expressive shots you took and I love how Dylan's personality shines through. I really like the way you arranged the pics so seamlessly I almost feel I'm watching a movie and I especially like the song running around the page in a swirl just like Dylan! Super journaling and super special touches you added like the rick-rack and piece at the bottom that reminded me of a stage curtain. Great layout and work with the colors and thanks for joining the challenge.
    Really cute photos. I love the font that you used for the journaling and the design of the layout. Clever use of the colors at the bottom to bring a pop of color to a very pretty layout.
    I love that you got these photos!! They are wonderful moments showing his happy (maybe a little goofy? :D ) spirit. The shaped text looks perfect for the page, too! Hmmm.... I wonder if there will be a zipping category in Dylan's Olympic future?