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Project Life Week 7

Project Life Week 7

It has taken me a couple of weeks to come to terms with the fact that the photos from this week are lost forever. Finally scrapped the week without any of my photos, Week 7 will forever live in our memories - I am being such a drama queen!

Journalng reads:
"FEBRUARY 10 - 17, 2013 This was a really fun week. We printed out our Valentineís Day cards and envelopes and addressed them all to your classmates. You loved looking through the card choices and picking out the ones you liked best for each person. You brought your Valentines to school and came home with a big bag of Valentines back from you classmates and lots of candy too. We did take lots of pictures of you guys sitting at the counter and patiently filling them out but my camera chip malfunctioned and we lost all of the photos :(/>/> so sad."
"Over the weekend we attended Dad and Jaxonís Rugby games. We got a cool blast of weather and the temps were in the 40ís at night and low 70ís during the day, Dylan and I roamed Key Biscayne taking photos of gorgeous flowers in beautiful light. The Angel Trumpets, oh the Angel Trumpets were magnificent. They were nearly transparent in the bright sunlight. We gazed at them and took endless photos from above and below. We marveled at the architecture of the homes and photographed much of it. We were so sad when my flash drive failed - none of these photos can be retreieved. I nearly cried!"

Angel Trumpet Photo - Brugmansia_Cherub From the internet :(/>/>/>
SNU_AYO_Greeting Cards

    Beautiful composition and fabulous photos! Love your Valentines and I really, really like your big title!
    OOOHHhhhhhhhh.... I am so sorry your photos couldn't be retrieved and no matter how you can look at it - I feel your pain... :(/> You did a wonderful job chronicling the week with your words - it may not be a picture, but they formed an image in my head as I read them. I really like how you perservered and created a page anyway - and a lovely one at that. Super job and sorry about the pics. (Ps I'd be a drama queen about lost photos, too. Somehow my pics always feel a part of me and almost like another child!)
    Oh no! If you are going to be a Drama Queen, losing your pictures is a perfectly valid reason! This is such a lovely LO. Love all the blocks of gorgeous photos and embellishments and great title block. Love Valentine's Day and you have scrapped it well.
    Oh my just beautiful! Great journaling though - sorry about your photos. Have you tried RescuPro yet? I retrieve photos from my cards that I had deleted and formatted the card using this program.
    I love your WEEK title and what pretty flowers!
    So sorry to hear about your photos, but I love this page even without them. I could see the photo through your journalling! Great vintage Valentine's embellishments!
    Sorry to hear about your lost photos. Years ago my daughter was prom queen and we took lots of photos (not digital at the time) and most of them didn't turn out. It was heartbreaking so I know how you feel. But your layout is lovely and shows all the sweetness of Valentines Day. Your journaling will help you remember.