Feeding the Ducks

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Christian (4) and his mom, Joey, are part of our new family! Our oldest son, Scott, and Joey are getting married in May. Christian and Tyler (7) are her boys from a previous marriage and we are crazy about them! Tyler was inside this afternoon playing games on Scott's iPad. :)/>



I had such a great time watching Christian and his mom, Joey, feed the ducks behind their house! Christian got a little close to the edge a few times but Joey kept a close eye on him.


Christian found a palm frond and his step-dad, Scott, helped him “plant” it in the sand!







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All photos were taken with my Samsung Galaxy Relay cell phone.

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Congrats on the new family members. This is a great layout. Love it when spring comes and its time for duck feeding.

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Lovely LO - boys just love water and ducks. What a happy time for you all. Congrats all around.

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