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We brought Tiger all the way from HK to his hometown in Otaru to visit his family. So disappointing to find that the shop has been closed and moved. I asked Maurice to get Tiger out from his backpack for a picture on the street, such that when Tiger grown up, he still remembers that we did travel with him for his parents. And Maurice said, “Quick, Mommy, this is so embarrassing!”

Feb 2013



Love Like This by Stacie McElroy

Cheap Date #1 by Stacie McElroy

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Very sweet. A great photo. I like the dark background with the grungy title in the Pastel colours. Like the circles also. I'm impressed you got your son to do this photo. He must love you!

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Kids - so funny! It was a nice idea, though and I enjoyed reading about it. Nice color choice for the background and I like the bits of color with the circles.

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